Cleaning Concrete Barrel Tile Roof

Q: What Roof Wash Cleaners work on concrete barrel tiles?

Which of your roof cleaning products is good to use as a roof wash on tile roofs? I have a home maintenance company and have been power washing tile roofs and I am very interested in using a soft wash method.

Mark A from Bonita Springs, FL

A: Roof Cleaner QSE and OX can be used on roof tiles.

Both Roof Cleaner OX and Roof Cleaner QSE work on concrete tile, but the coarse texture of many concrete and barrel tiles requires a higher ( 175-250psi ) rinse pressure for same day results. This technique commonly called a “High Volume, Low Pressure Roof Wash” is needed because non-bleach cleaners (containing no sodium hypochlorite) the cleaners will break the grip of the mold, lichen and algae, but it is the rinse pressure, that sweeps the dead residue into the gutters and off the roof.

The big gotcha are Direct Pressure and Run Off Containment.

Direct Pressure

Maintaining 175-250psi pressure requires that you walk the roof to maintain an appropriate rinse pressure. Always be careful to avoid cracking tiles when on the roof.

Run Off Containment

Not every tile roof has a rain gutter system, and those without gutters need special attention to ensure that the shingle shampoo concentrate doesn’t drip onto the facia boards or the plants growing beneath. In these situations the prudent approach is to cover the plants with a tarp or other cover to prevent unintended damage. Not to mention, that regardless of the roof cleaning chemical used, dirt and debris will be washing off the roof, and no one wants prize roses covered in dirt!

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Using Roof Armor Stain blocker will prevent algae, mold and roof for years when used every 12 months