Roof Cleaning Help

Every spring homeowners look outside ready to enjoy the outdoors.  Lawns are manicured, flower beds replanted, and the paint refreshed.  But then they look upwards and see black streaks, roof mold stains on the asphalt roof shingles.  Now what?  Believe it or not Roof Cleaning!

Did you know Roof Shingle Cleaning works?

Most homeowners have never heard of the idea of cleaning the roof.  Well, of course removing leaves maybe, but actually removing the mold stains caused by roof algae?   No that entire concept is news to 9 out 10 home owners.

But it is possible, and if the stains on your roof are recent (in the last few years), then the odds of successful roof cleaning are very good.

Roof Cleaning 101 – The basics

As mentioned, the roof stains or roof mold as it is often called, is caused by a gloescapa magma hardy algae that feeds on the crushed limestone embedded in asphalt shingles since the 1980’s.   Roof cleaning in its simplest form is using a roof cleaner to kill the algae, and then some form of rinsing to wash the dead algae off the roof.   That’s it!   Roof cleaning is an easy concept.

DIY Roof Cleaning or Hire a Local Roof Cleaning Company?

The decision to Do-It-Yourself or hire an local roof cleaner is based on the age of the roof stains, and your comfort using ladders and walking around the roof.

Cleaning your roof is considered an Extreme DIY project, not because of technical skill like woodworking, but because of the risks associated with climbing on your roof.   Before you consider cleaning your own roof, ask yourself:

  • Are you comfortable with heights?
  • Can you carry 20lbs and drag hoses around the roof?
  • How good is your balance?

If there are no issues with these points, then you could save $300+ cleaning your own roof.

If any of these points cause you concern, then consider hiring a local roof cleaning company.  Professionals who clean roofs everyday are experts at cleaning your shingles with little risk to themselves, your roof or your property.  Although roof cleaning may cost over $350, it is MUCH less expensive than replacing your roof!